I am a Fairfield Pilates instructor looking to give back to the brave men and women of the United States military.  As the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, I have always admired the work and sacrifice of those who serve and have served.  I wish to share with Veterans my knowledge of the body and its powerful connection to our minds.  It is my hope this will enhance their physical and emotional well – being.

The original use of the Pilates method was to rehabilitate wounded veterans of World War 1. Joseph Pilates developed a system of mat exercises to help people with an assortment of ailments, including asthma and arthritis.  This method quickly gained attention, due to the progress he was making. Joseph then enhanced the method with the use of specialized equipment.  While in an internment camp, rehabilitating soldiers, Joseph took apart beds to build versions of this equipment.

The Pilates Method helps people get inside their body and build strength, increase range of motion, improve balance, and restore flexibility.  It is a safe way to strengthen and stabilize bones and joints.  Pilates necessitates a strong mind – body connection in order to perform the method properly.  It requires one to explore quieting the mind and being in their own body.

Please join me, Janelle Biggs (owner of Bells Pilates) at:

4:15 pm Tuesdays – Free Pilates mat class for veterans

We are located at the Fairfield Sportsplex.  Please call 203-520-3423 or email to reserve a spot.