“I Love People” – Pilates Instructor, Janelle Biggs

Janelle Biggs, from Bells Pilates training in Fairfield CT, instructing a studentThe single, most significant reason that I enjoy working with clients one-on-one is simple.  I love people.  I love getting to know what makes them tick, what they care about, who they ARE and what they want.  There are many different paths you can take to guide someone in Pilates technique, but the key is to find the right path for each person and to do that, you have to really seek to understand them as an individual.

Lucky for me, I enjoy digging in and exploring what that means for every one of my clients.  It is my absolute pleasure to get to know them personally.  My love of people is not new.  I remember working as a waitress and observing that every table had different ways of enjoying their dining experience.  Some wanted lots of attention and interaction, some wanted more space.  Even back then, I took pride in being able to read those needs so that I could serve my customers well.

Of course my interest in honoring individuality has only grown for me as a Pilates instructor in Fairfield CT, and the privilege of working one-on-one has allowed me to build real relationships with my clients.   These relationships are at the heart of my work.   That is why it is important to me that I create a space that feels safe, so that people are welcome to be vulnerable or adventurous as they move along their unique path.

From the moment a client walks in the door, our session begins.  Sometimes it starts with a chat, or a cup of tea, or some deep steady breaths.  Sometimes it starts with a laugh, or a specific question, or an anecdote about their day.  I often give my clients homework that requires them to continue working on some newfound body awareness after their session, so I always want to follow-up on that.  Even if they confess they didn’t do their homework, they tend to report moments of feeling more aware in their bodies.   I can’t tell you how satisfying that is for me.  All of it: the laugh, the tea, the homework, the chat, the awareness, the connection.  These are among the things that I love most about my work.

Relationships are vital to what I do and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I try to nurture these relationships because I want the best for my clients, but also because I care.  It never escapes me that anyone who comes to see me is making a choice to be there and I always want to respect that by giving the best that I can give.  And the truth is, I always get so much in return.  My heart is full.

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