Matchmaking and The Rolodex

Bells Pilates , Fairfield CT- matchmaking rolodex blog postI LOVE to connect people, and fancy myself a natural born matchmaker.  For one thing, I happen to know the best and coolest people EVER.  That’s not bragging, that’s just true.  My clients, colleagues, friends, and family… they are all just the coolest.  AND each of them has a unique set of skills, knowledge, and talents.  I know this because I am curious, and ask a lot of questions. I am very interested in getting to know my clients and their stories.  I am truly fascinated by who they are and what they desire.  I have an imaginary Rolodex in my mind where I store all this information. (This might explain the tons of information that I cannot retain).

I don’t gather this information for the purposes of connecting people, but a lot of times an opportunity presents itself.  There is an a-ha moment that occurs and I find myself mentally scrolling through that Rolodex, knowing there is some tidbit of information in there that is relevant. For instance, a client recently mentioned their daughter’s interest in real estate.  They also mentioned that she is getting ready to go to school and would like to get a job to save some money before she goes. Several hours later, I remembered a conversation with another client who runs a real estate firm, one that happens to be in need of help.  So immediately texts were sent, a meeting was scheduled and BAM- the connection was made.  Then I proceeded to do my imaginary happy dance!! I just love it when that happens!

Connecting And Moments Of Realization

The moment of realization can occur during a session, on my ride home, or right when I am about to go to sleep.  Suddenly the rolodex is spinning and I’m working my matchmaking skills.  Who do I know that can help, who has information that would be useful, who needs exactly what this person is offering?

These connections happen in many ways.  Getting jobs, finding the right doctor in every specialty you can imagine, putting one child who is looking at a particular college in touch with another child who attended, introducing one client who is moving to a new town to another who happens to live nearby.  You name it, that Rolodex has come through!

I love bringing my amazing people together in ways that are mutually beneficial.  I’ve seen the way it makes a difference for them, for each other and for the greater good.  That’s a lot of happy dances!

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