Pilates Blog #1: Movement is a Language I Speak

Janelle Biggs, Owner of Bells Pilates in Fairfield CT private trainingMovement is a language I speak.  I learned the language as a dancer and have expanded my vocabulary as a Pilates instructor and through many fabulous years of working with people one-on-one or in small groups.  Every time I meet a new client and begin our work I know for sure that there is a story there.  Movement begins to reveal that story, alignment provides more details, and balance, or imbalance, bring those details into clearer focus.

One thing I’ve learned is that in order to master any language, you have to listen.  I look at my clients, even those who I’ve been seeing for years, with fresh eyes and ask: how is your body today?  From there the work begins and it always starts with connection.

Sometimes the connection starts before there is any actual movement.  For example, one of the fundamentals of Pilates is finding neutral spine.  To do this you have to go deep inside and feel your body in space. It is a meditation of sorts.  In this moment the outside world of endless errands, to do lists, and work stress all fall away.  This is one of my favorite parts to teach because many people have never experienced being so deeply connected to their own bodies.

I get so excited when I see my clients make that connection and discover their ability to be fully present in their bodies. I witness them moving with the right intention and, more importantly, THEY see it and feel it too.  In that moment they experience how powerful they can be when they are present, connected, and moving from a place that is true.  It is so inspiring!!

My intention is the same for everyone: I want them to feel better and be happy in the body they are living in. But how I approach each individual varies.  We all respond differently to cues and techniques, so my job is to find the most effective way to help them tune in to their bodies and get the most from each session. Good care means that the care is specific to each person.  I love discovering what that means for every one of my clients so that our work together is meaningful.

I feel so fortunate to be able to converse with my clients in the language of movement and help them find wellness, connection and joy in their bodies.

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