Pilates and Pain Relief

How pilates can help with pain - woman holding side musclePain is a reality for many people. It can be chronic or acute, and can be caused by any number of injuries or pathologies.  No matter the cause, when you are in pain, you want relief.  This can lead you to search for quick fixes.  There is a desire, even a belief that there must be a simple solution. You just have to search for the right pill, doctor or therapist and BAM like magic your pain will go away.

The truth is that nobody can promise to take away your pain.  Yes, you could be one of the lucky ones to find immediate relief.   But, unfortunately, the majority of people will not have that experience and it is time to get honest about that.

Pain can have many dimensions, so instead of one single fix, there are actually a number of different paths you can take to get you feeling better. Treating and coping with pain is a PROCESS.  It will take time and work to understand what is happening and how it manifests in your body.  Pain is not the same as injury.  What is actually happening may differ from what you feel is happening.  This process can require a lot of good communication between practitioner and client.

Movement and exercise offer many fantastic benefits that can address your pain.  Improving range of motion can help. The more agile you become in your body, the better you will move during day-to-day tasks.  Strengthening your body and finding more stability in and around your joints can build confidence as well as strength and both can help to ease your pain.

The Nervous System and Pain

When we talk about pain, it is important to also understand the nervous system and its role in the experience of pain.  The brain and the nervous system as a whole have the ability to change and to learn.  New pathways can be formed to work around injury, pain and dysfunction.  Isn’t that amazing?  This is called neuroplasticity.  Neuroplasticity can be helpful in reprogramming the way the nervous system responds to danger signals and how the brain interprets that as pain.  Taking the time to dive deeper into your mind and body can help with reprogramming your nervous system so that you can move freely and comfortably.

This type of work takes practice, time and a commitment from both you and your practitioner.  The beauty of private training is that we are able to spend that personal time to focus very specifically on ways to improve your pain physically, neurologically and mindfully!

So, yes, I can help you work with your pain and guide you on ways to feel better in your body!  But in order for the work to be most effective you must do your homework. This includes doing the exercises, reporting changes – good and bad- and remembering that your mind AND body need to be involved in the work.  While I can’t ever guarantee that your pain will disappear, I do know from experience that working TOGETHER with a shared commitment to reducing that pain is sure to make a difference!  GO TEAM!!

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