The Evolution of my Work

Bells Pilates Studio - Fairfield, Connecticut - view from ceiling with star burstHere’s the thing … my work has taken a little curve.  Since starting my own business, working with people has changed.  Prior to that I taught Pilates in a gym setting and, even though it was one-on-one in those spaces, the dynamic was different.  Now, when my client walks into my studio there is literally no one around but us.  Because of that I have found that some clients are more open.  The armor comes off in bits and pieces during our hour together.

I noticed that change relatively quickly.  Then just a couple of years later, Covid happened and with that all the anxiety and fear that ensued.  My studio became a space for venting and sharing and crying.  The experience of that collective crisis made the walls of my space even more sacred, and personal.

Through it all I have been expanding my own learning with my Book Group, exploring different ways of looking at and dissecting the self.  This has made me start to think about how we can dissect self through movement and what might that look like.

Exploring the Self Through Movement

Perhaps it would start with a moment to be in your self, a quick meditation, feeling into where you are in your body and where you see yourself.  Describe the look and feel of it – then insert that into the present moment

Then what happens if we move from that place? What if we suggested a new space in your body? What would that feel like, and what label might we give it? Then what if we moved from that space?  What would that look like?

Maybe it’s a place of anger or sadness.  Without avoiding that place, we find a different space in the body where those emotions are not present and we go into that space.  Then we can play with a dialogue between those two places in our bodies and discover what that reveals.

There are so many pathways to explore the self through movement and I love to navigate those pathways with my clients.  The physical aspect is honestly never completely separate from the rest of us.  As such my work has become more encompassing.  It includes the fundamentals of Pilates, of course, but I find myself wanting to lean into the deeper layers of somatic work.

The world is requiring more from us and I feel like I want to do more. When I am present and doing this work, there is a true feeling of excitement, an affirmation that this is what I am supposed to be doing.  I’m on top of the world.

I want to continue to learn more and to dive further down because there is so much more to discover. I believe I can be of some help and be of some service and I feel we all owe it to each other to be the best we can and to do the best we can.

For me that means doing everything I can to honor what my clients bring in as they walk through the door, and to honor the vulnerability and strength of this space.

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